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Meet Your Math Tutor Devron!!!

Math has always been a passion of mine. In the beginning, it was very difficult for me to figure it out. I didn't have as much assistance. However, I didn't get discouraged. Instead, I faced the challenges head on and here is where it got me. Allow me to share my experience with you as I help you unlock the full potential that you possess, not only as student, but as a person. Glad to have you here!

I Provide Tutoring In The Following Areas​

Basic Aritmetic

Basic calculations we make from day to day. Addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. This area also includes percentages, fractions, and exponents.

Algebra I

This area of mathematics deals with general statements of relations, utilizing letters and other symbols to represent specific sets of numbers, values, vectors, etc., in the description of such relations.


This area deals with the deduction of the properties, measurements, and relationships of points, lines, angles, and figures in space from their defining conditions by means of certain assumed properties of space.

Algebra II

A more in-debt look at the system of equations and implimenting multi-step methods and practical problem-solving strategies to solve problems.


This area deals with the relations between the sides and angles of planes or spherical triangles, and the calculations based on them.

ACT Prep

How to prepare for the test. Tips on taking the test. How to improve your score. How to use your strengths and what you know to assist you with finding the correct answers.


Read what individuals are saying about their experience with Devron!


Read what individuals are saying about their experience with Devron!

Nichole Reynolds 

Office Manager/Author

I was having a hard time understanding Real Estate calculations and wanted to give up figuring it out altogether. Devron encouraged me and assessed the way I was looking at the problems. After completing a math assessment he assigned to me, he told me exactly what areas I needed to concentrate on the most and walked me through all of the areas step by step. Devron made sure I understood the material after each session and after his tutoring it changed my perception about numbers. He stated: "All math equations have issues. It is your job to solve the issue and make sure everyone leaves happy." Once I looked at the equations as my duty to solve, the process became much easier. I've never seen someone so passionate about numbers as Devron. I definitely refer him to anyone I know who needs help with math!

Sarah J. Farlough 

LMSW Counselor at Ascension Counseling Center

"I met Devron my freshman year in college. I was currently taking my first college math and was failing miserably. I met Devron at the library one day and he mentioned how he had a passion for math. I told him how I was currently in math and knew I was going to fail if I Did not get any help. He agreed to tutor me for free and helped me pass math that semester. Devron taught in a way that was understandable and made sense. If I did not understand, he never got frustrated or gave up on me. He reviewed it with me and explained it as many times as I needed to make sure I understood it. After passing math that semester I referred Devron to everyone I knew who was having trouble with math. No matter what Devron was doing he always made time to assist others. As many professors and teachers I've had I have never seen someone who has as much passion for math and actually enjoys math as much as Devron does. I was extremely blessed to have met him when I did!"

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Napoleon Hill

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